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For a Testimony: The Story of Bruce F. Hunt Imprisoned for the Gospel of Christ

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For a Testimony: The Story of Bruce F. Hunt Imprisoned for the Gospel of Christ.  Authored by Bruce F. Hunt.

Refusing to give to another the worship that is due to God alone, the Rev. Bruce F. Hunt was imprisoned in the final two months leading up to Pearl Harbor by the Japanese forces occupying Manchuria for his open opposition to the government's attempt to force emperor-worship on the Korean-speaking Christians among whom he labored. Taken by force from his house in Harbin while his family looked on helplessly, this Orthodox Presbyterian missionary turned down offers of an early release from prison rather than be found missing from the post to which he believed his Lord had sent him.

"Hunt's love for Christ shines forth on every page. This is not an ordinary book but here is the fascinating account of one who, even in severe trial, was faithful to his Lord. It is a book that all Christians should read, and if non-Christians would read it, they might come to understand the secret of such a life" (E. J. Young).

For A Testimony is Hunt's account of God's grace to him during his imprisonment, as he, by that grace, endeavored to remain faithful to the end. Preaching the gospel to his tormenter guards, through the cold of the Manchurian winter and amid the disease, stench, starvation, degradation, and insanity of prison life that broke other prisoners around him, Hunt's testimony is an encouragement to all who are undergoing trials of their faith.

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